The Wayne County Probate Court administers estates and trusts, appoints guardians and conservators, and orders treatment for mentally ill and developmentally disabled persons. 

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Q1. Outpatient Mental Services

QUESTION: As Probate Judge you oversee the guardianship and hospitalization of the mentally ill. American continues to struggled with mass gun shootings and many consider mental illness to be a factor. In Michigan, recent changes to “Kevin’s Law” allows people who see signs of mental illness in family members to more quickly ask for a court order of outpatient mental services for those who may be too sick to recognize they need help. Are you aware of the consequences, either positive or negative, of these changes to Kevin's Law, and have you seen any trends in cases involving these types of circumstances since the changes?

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Q2. Estates with Homes in Foreclosure

QUESTION: Public Administrators are employed by the probate courts to oversee the estates of the deceased when there is no identifiable kin. However, serious problems have arisen in Metro Detroit with living family not properly sought after and homes in foreclosure being sold under severe fees against the estate. Recent reforms to address these problems, require Public Administrators to detail their search for next of kin and gives more time for family to surface and control the estate. Many Detroit families have homes under foreclosure and unreliable contact information from constantly moving under eviction. How will you as Probate Judge ensure that Detroit families of the deceased are properly sought after and homes of estates in foreclosure are not abused by Public Administrators and real estate companies?

RESPONSE: No Response