wayne county commission - district 1 Candidates

Legislators who are elected from all over Wayne County to pass laws and adopt the budget for the whole county. 

This video is not an endorsement of any candidate. VOTE August 7th 2018, in the Primary election and November 6, 2018 in the General Election.

Q1. Tax Foreclosure

QUESTION: Wayne County has eliminated large deficits in multiple years with $180 million contributed from surpluses from the County tax foreclosure process. Detroit’s delinquent properties account for half of Wayne County’s delinquent tax surplus from fees and interest, and Wayne County has been accused of plugging its budget holes on the back of Detroit’s tax foreclosure crisis. Wayne County has claimed that new structural changes in the budget will decrease its reliance on tax foreclosure home sales to keep it afloat. How will you as County Commissioner ensure that the County will stop relying on surpluses from tax foreclosures to balance its budget?

RESPONSE: No Response

Q2. Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority

QUESTION: The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, the largest of Michigan's 10 such authorities, came under fire for corruption and risked losing state certification at the end of 2017. The Authority’s board was accused by its former Director of putting their own interests ahead of the people they are supposed to serve, approving contracts with a company with ties to some board members that overcharged the Authority on administrative expenses (Jack Lessenberry, Michigan Radio.) The Wayne County Commission approved the interlocal agreement that created the Health Authority. As Wayne County Commissioner, how will you ensure that the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority supports the efforts of its Director in ensuring integrity and transparency in its contracts?

RESPONSE: No Response